Studio B


Studio B is a 180 square foot, intimate room featuring solid wood walls, hardwood flooring, and brick faƧade. The room has been acoustically tuned with high quality burlap sound absorption panels placed strategically to provide the perfect balance of liveness without causing player fatigue. To maximize floor space the sound system has been comfortably mounted to the wall and the powered speakers are flown to provide maximum room coverage. Studio B is ideal for small musical group rehearsals of 5 or less, music lessons, and as a drum/ guitar and vocal tracking room separate from studio A.

Studio B comes fully equipped with 2 guitar amps, a small Ampeg bass combo and a fully equipped five piece drum set.

Studio B comes equipped with the following*:

  • Yamaha MG124CX Mixing Console
  • Yamaha MG124CX Mixing Console
  • All new Mapex 5 piece Birch drum set with Alchemy and Zildjian cymbals
  • Ampeg BA-115 Bass combo amp
  • Fender Blues Jr Guitar Amplifier
  • Marshall 2X 12 Guitar Cabinet
  • Line 6 Spider by Boghner 100 Watt Head
  • Shure Vocal Microphones and boom stands

* Thunder Studios has other bass and guitar amplifiers available at the request of the client.