Studio A


Studio A is a 400 square foot room featuring a vocal isolation booth, floating drum riser, and enough floor space to accommodate groups of 10. The walls are constructed from a combination of concrete brick, cedar paneling and traditional drywall. Studio A has been meticulously outfitted with high quality burlap sound absorption panels to provide the perfect balance of “liveness” and acoustic integrity.

Studio A is also outfitted with a 24X4 Mackie mixer to allow for large groups or full live recordings of rehearsals. The PA system also features two 800 watt powered Alto 15 inch speaker cabinets positioned for full room coverage. In addition, the drum riser is equipped with a 100 watt personal monitor system.

Studio A is stocked with 2 guitar amps, bass rig, and a complete drum set.

The following equipment is available in studio A:

  • 5 Piece DDrum Diode Acrylic Drumset with 21’’ Zildjian A Custom Ride
  • 5 Piece Gretsch Drumset with 21’’ Zildjian A Custom Ride
  • 16’’-18” Zildjian A Custom crash, 14” A Custom Hi Hats
  • Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifer with Msa 4X12 Cabinet
  • Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amplifier
  • Hughes and Kettner Switchblade 100
  • Marshall 2X12 Cabinet
  • Ampeg Pro Neo 410 Cabinet
  • Ampeg SVT-3Pro Bass Head
  • Shure SM 58 Microphones
  • Misc guitars and bass guitars