Thunder Studios offers affordable rehearsal rooms for bands, individual artists, choir ensembles, music lessons, and anyone who needs a comfortable room to “jam”. Each room is equipped with a quality sound system, backline equipment, and microphones. The entire facility is equipped with a ultra cool central air conditioning system for your comfort. Rates start at $20 per hour with special rates offered throughout the day. Room rental includes all microphones, stands, drums, cymbals and hardware. See our booking page to check availability and to book your next session.


At the heart of Thunder Studios recording studio is the Universal Apollo 16 connected to a Pro Tools system. We feature SSL, Neve 511, Audient and ART preamps. Our monitor system is Yamaha HS8’s and Tannoy Reveal. Our mic locker features Shure SM57’s, 58’s, SM7-B, Beta 52, SM-81s, Audix D series drum microphones, Rode NTK upgraded with AKG C12 capsule and Telefunken tube and our newest Royer 121 ribbon microphone.


Our studio is equipped with a vocal isolation booth that has been designed for voice over work. Our VO rate is $150 per hour which includes Skype connection and Source Connect if required.